pCloud Review: Features, Prices, Functionalities, plus more

pcloud secure cloud storage

Cloud storage has been a game-changer for the majority of us. We no longer have to worry about our phones not having sufficient storage capacity, carrying flash disks and hard drives around when wanting to share files, or even losing our dear memories in case we lose any of our devices.

While we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy free and secure cloud storage from the major platform providers – Google, Apple, and Microsoft- is it really sufficient for our storage needs? Probably not. Google Cloud offers 15GB of free cloud storage (though includes emails and Google Photos), Apple and Microsoft offer only 5GB, and Dropbox offers only 2GB.

Well, if you are like me, you definitely have thousands of photos and videos that you hold dear, that would not fit into any of the free storage options offered above. But does mean you have to sacrifice some of them? Definitely not.

You need to purchase extra cloud storage. In that case, what is the best option for you out there? And have you considered the small cloud providers that are cropping up to muscle it out with these giants? Well, pCloud could be an option for you.

What is pCloud?

pCloud is a cloud storage provider that offers flexible storage options for both individual and business needs. While they do not offer anything extra from the rest, the one thing that sets them apart is their generous pricing.

First of all, they offer a 10GB free cloud storage option. For their premium options, you can buy 500 GB of cloud storage for only a $ 175-lifetime payment, or a $49.99 annual subscription. And if that is not enough, you can upgrade to 2TB of cloud storage for only a $ 350-lifetime payment, or a $99.99 annual subscription. That’s approximately $4 per month for 500Gb and $8.33 for 2TB.

In comparison, Apple, Google and Dropbox charge $9.99 per month for 2TB of cloud storage, while Microsoft charges $6.99 for 1TB of OneDrive storage and $9.99 for 6TB of cloud storage (1TB for six users) for their Home subscription option.

Doesn’t sound like much of a difference, right? But think about the one-time payment option. You get to pay just $175 right now and you will enjoy 500GB worth of cloud storage as long as the company exists. Now that sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

In addition, they offer a personalized cloud storage option for businesses which comes with added features such as activity monitoring, file commits, team organization and access management.

pCloud Features

  • Collaboration – Similar to the likes of Googe Drive, it allows for collaboration through sharing links and file requests, inviting users to shared folders, custom branding for your shared links (in case of businesses), and the ability to get detailed stats for your links.
  • Security – You can rest assured all your files are secure since they use TLS/SSL channel protection, 256-bit AES encryption for all files, and an option to add an extra layer of protection for crypto.
  • Access and Synchronization – You get to enjoy unlimited access from all devices thanks to their mobile app, desktop apps, and web extensions.
  • Media and usability – You can play videos in cloud through their built-in video player, and enjoy video streaming and playlist functionality for your music.
  • File management- You get to enjoy online document review, the ability to access and recover older versions of your account (up to 30 days), data recovery, and remote upload.
  • You can also create backups from Google Photos, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook and Dropbox


Getting Started

While not compulsory, pCloud recommends you start by downloading and installing their specialized pCloud Drive software. It is compatible with almost all operating systems, including Windows XP through 10, Linux (Debian 8, Fedora 21, ubuntu 14.04 or later distributions), MacOS 10.9 or later. In terms of mobile, you can use in either Android 5.0 or later, and iOS 9 or later. And if neither of these options fit you, you can opt for their browser extension plugin which is compatible with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.


Upon a successful installation, pCloud will display an icon to File Explorer, just like with other platforms such as OneDrive, which you can click and directly save or access your cloud storage. You can easily access almost everything from its interface, including settings, help and about, and an account page that displays a graphical summary of your storage usage.

Similarly, the web interface offers more capability, such as the ability to view photos, play videos, and even share them through the generated links. But unlike Apple iCloud Drive, pCloud allows you to preview MS Office documents. You can’t edit them though.

Special Features

Some of the special features that make pCloud more compelling include;

  • Revisions/versioning, which gives you up to 30 days for the paid options and 15 days for the free option.
  • Screenshot saving for your desktop, which allows you to upload them directly to the cloud immediately you take them. No need to open the image itself.
  • Crypto folder, which guarantees top-level encryption for your crypto investments. But be very careful with your password. If you lose, no one, including pCloud’s staff, can help you retrieve your files.

Final Verdict

By now we know how capable pCloud is. But is it really that special compared to other providers? Well, I’d say that depends on your needs and preferences. It is quite cheaper compare to the big players (though there are even cheaper options out there) but not that relative really.

It comes down to the experience you want and whether you need some of the special features like a crypto folder. Therefore, I’d say shortlist it, give it a try, compare it with other providers, and then make your decision.

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