Proven Tools To Sell More Digital Products And Memberships

proven tools to sell more digital products

Digital products and memberships are the gold mine of the current world. People are making more than 6-figure monthly from these things. And the best thing is, that they do not require any inventory, huge startup costs, or constant management.

All you need to do is create your product, market it online, and boom! Money starts flowing in while you sleep. Apparently, creating digital products is easy.

The challenge is: which platform or tools do you use to sell and deliver these products and memberships? Well, sit tight coz I have just the perfect solution for you. Before we jump into which platforms to use, why don’t we look at the different products you can sell online.

Below is a list of the most common digital products:

  • eBooks
  • memberships
  • software/apps
  • digital downloads
  • webinars
  • Templates
  • Photos and illustrations
  • Online courses
  • Music

To sum it all up, anything you think can create value to others can be sold online. And by anything, I mean any digital product including information that people are willing to spend money to acquire. With that said, here are the proven best three tools you need to sell more digital products and memberships.


SendOwl is a simple, robust online platform that allows you to effortlessly create a storefront with all the selling functionalities for your digital products. And in just a few simple clicks.Best of all, it can be used for selling any kind of digital product under the sun including magazines, license keys, comics, and video games. Also, it supports the selling of tangible products meaning it can also be used for dropshipping.


  • Responsive checkout- Makes it easy for selling your products on all devices without any need for much customization
  • Multi-language support for selling your products to different target groups
  • Easy to integrate payment option that supports PayPal, Apple Pay, credit cards, and even Bitcoin.
  • Ability to sell on different platforms such as through email, social media, blogs, your website, or anywhere else you can find customers. Isn’t that great?

It also offers other features such as an inbuilt affiliate system, upsell options, cart abandonment statistics for retargeted marketing, discount options, on-site checkout, and a modern optimised checkout system among others. Check out their full features list.

Pricing plans

SendOwl offers three pricing options, all loaded with a 30-days free trial:

Standard Plan

It goes for $15 per month. It allows up to 30 products upload, PDF stamping, affiliates option, unlimited customization, and 3 GB of storage space.

Premium Plan

It costs $24 a month. It supports up to a hundred products, one subscription option, upsells, card abandonments, video streaming, PDF stamping, affiliates, customization, and up to 5 GB of storage space.

Business Plan

This plan goes for $39 a month. Its features include those of the premium plan plus 250 product support, 3 subscriptions, multiple users, and 15 GB of storage space. They also offer a tiny option of $9 a month for starters seeking less than 10 products uploaded, limited customization, and up to 1 GB storage.


  • Advanced custom checkout template builder
  • Supports 29 currencies
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Flexible subscriptions and payments
  • Multiple Zapier supported list of integrations
  • Up-sells and cart abandonment support


  • Limited cryptocurrency options
  • Limited design and checkout customization
  • Does not support A/B testing
  • No live chat or phone support

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Shopping is a matter of ultimate convenience. With PayHip, that is exactly what you get. The chance to make your customers effortlessly and quickly make purchases before they can change their minds. PayHip is an easy-to-use e-commerce platform that allows you to easily set up your website, host your digital products, and customize every aspect of the website to make it as appealing to your customers as possible. Some of its features include:

  • Ability to sell any digital product and memberships online
  • Responsive checkout for all devices
  • Support for sales through website, blog, social media, and anywhere else
  • Instant download for customers and quick purchase options
  • Support for multiple payment options such as PayPal and all credit cards

Other features include an affiliate system, coupons and pay-what-you-want capabilities, embed capabilities for checkout and shopping cart to websites, social discounts, upgrade customer option, mailing list and easy customization. Click here for the full list of features

Pricing Options

Payhip offers three plans:

Free Plan

It allows access to all features, unlimited product uploads, and unlimited revenue. The only cost you incur is a 5% transaction fee for PayPal/stripe payment receipts.

Plus plan

It costs $29 a month with the only difference between it and the free plan being a 2% transaction fee as compared to 5%.

Pro plan

It goes for $99 a month and includes all the features of the Plus plan with zero transaction fee.


  • Immediate withdrawal of the earnings you make
  • Paid VAT for European customers
  • Immediate download by customers without having to wait for the email
  • Superb features


  • Customers can only purchase a single item at a time. No shopping cart.
  • A little bit limited customization compared to its competitors

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Unlike the other two options, EasyStore is more of a full-blown e-commerce development platform. Actually, it is so good that it is the best alternative to Shopify. Just like the name suggests, EasyStore facilitates easy e-commerce site customization for both digital and physical products. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!! Some of its features include:

  • Clean and modern templates
  • Built-in theme editor
  • Full control over HTML and CSS
  • Landing page creation capability
  • Mobile friendly Customization
  • Own custom domain
  • Bulk upload tool
  • Local and overseas payment options
  • Payment reminder for the customers
  • Flexible checkout options and members’ privilege
  • One-click, single-page checkout
  • Built-in SEO, social media connection, discounts, free gifts
  • Powerful Ecommerce Apps

The list is endless! Here are all the features.

Pricing Options

Lite Plan

It goes for $17 a month with the option to pay annually and save 10%. It comes loaded with all the basic features such as zero transaction fees; 100 products and 10 GB storage; free custom domain; SEO; mobile optimization; integrated payment methods; up to 5 app integrations and so much more.

Standard Plan

This plan costs $49 per month. It includes all the necessary features to grow your business from the Lite plan. For example, up to 25 app integrations, up to 5 staff accounts, abandoned cart auto-recovery, customer grouping, and retail POS system among others.

Business Plan

It goes for $120 a month. It gives access to all the advanced features to scale your business further through unlimited products and storage; unlimited staff accounts; unlimited app integrations, a wholesale portal, and a custom price list among others. Visit their website for a full list of the features of all three options. Don’t forget all the options come with a 14-days trial.


  • Easy to set up and run
  • Multiple apps integration
  • Shopping cart and wish list functionalities
  • Excellent customer management
  • Over 40 payment gateways
  • 0% transaction fees


  • No online support
  • No app-based phone management system
  • Limited template options

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Do you have digital products or services you want to try selling online? Gumroad is a perfect option for that.

Unlike the other options, Gumroad gives you the much flexibility you need when launching in terms of setup and fees, as well as the ability to scale without having to break the bank to pay monthly hosting fees or payment processing fees. They host the products for you and process the payments at only a small percentage of your sales, which also reduces as your sales grow.

All you need to do to get started is sign up, upload your digital products, and you can either set up your store on their platform or embed it on your existing website. Talk of flexibility at its finest. That’s why is recommended for beginners or people who want to first try out selling different products or services to see which one works.

Some of the features include:

  • Customizable set-up options
  • No need for a website. You can create a storefront from scratch on their platform and customize it to your liking.
  • Easy payment processing options for both products and memberships
  • Easy customization; for example, you can sell in numerous versions such as PDFs, ePub, Mobi, or even have them generate license keys for you in case you’re selling software.
  • Easy to use analytics options to help you track your sales

Here is a link to all the features

Pricing Options

The one thing to like most about Gumroad is their fee strategy. They’ve designed it in a way that allows almost everyone to start selling online without having to commit any dime upfront. With them, you only pay after making a sale. Here is a list of the fees they charge.

  • $0 to $1,000 – 9% sales fee
  • $1,000 to $10,000 – 7% sales fee
  • $10,000 to $100,000 – 5% sales fee
  • $100,000 to $1,000,000 – 3%
  • $1,000,000+ – 2.9%

That is plus 30c on each transaction.


  • Very easy to set up, especially for beginners
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Easy customization and flexible selling options either through your website or their platform
  • Supports numerous digital products and services, including software and subscriptions
  • Accepts credit card/PayPal
  • Easy to customize selling options such as discounts and coupons


  • No Facebook community or live chat
  • Falls short in terms of integration with third-party apps
  • Does not support one-click upsells or bump offers
  • You cannot offer free or paid trials
  • Limited payment options. Doesn’t allow Apple Pay or crypto

Visit Gumroad


These three options are just a selection from the pool of tens of platforms that are offering similar services on the internet. However, it is a selection of the best three based on my experience and research from other users. Which one of the three do you choose? Well, that is all up to you. Analyse all three options and select the best based on the functionalities you want and your budget.

Also, do not limit yourself to this list. Do your research on other platforms and select the best.