Influencersoft review; Is this the best funnel builder?

Influencersoft Review

When it comes to building a successful online business, simplicity is KING. But this isn’t always the case especially in marketing due to the many things you need to handle for you to start generating sales.

Think about it, how do you handle Facebook marketing, Google Adwords, create landing pages, track your traffic throughout your sales funnel, retarget customers, do email marketing and follow-ups. It sounds hectic, right?

But not anymore, welcome to Influencersoft, an all-in-one platform that integrates all the critical marketing aspects of your business to create a flawless process that automates everything you need to get your online business up and running in no time.

A quick disclaimer: Just to set everything right upfront, I have an account with Influencersoft, this review is based on my personal experience with the platform, not a copy and paste of other people’s review.

Back to the fun part 😊

Another crucial thing to mention is that the Influencersoft team run their platform and entire sales strategy on this tool. All the emails you’ll receive once you subscribe, the landing pages you’ll see while interacting with the platform, marketing campaigns, are all based on this system. That’s how much they believe in it.

Influencersoft banner

What is InfluencerSoft

Influencersoft is a comprehensive marketing automation system that combines all the critical marketing components to help you launch and successfully market your business easily and achieve greater success.

Some of these components include:

  • A visual sales funnel builder with premade high conversion funnels templates, tons of interactive blocks for live broadcasts, among others;
  • E-Commerce checkout solution linking to Stripe and PayPal with upsell/downsell options, single price point or payment plan options, coupon codes, and multi-currency settings;
  • Email marketing automation platform equipped with options such as subscriber segmentation, web-to-lead form, and fully customizable sales pipelines;
  • Integrated affiliate program for allowing third parties to market your products;
  • Learning management system for creating membership sites and allowing an unlimited number of active students, trial access, sequential content delivery, and homework review;
  • Campaign reports for monitoring your ads conversions and affiliates returns.

Surprisingly, no matter how good the above features sound they are just but a tip of the iceberg. There is so much you can do with this software-the list is endless. And even better, they keep on updating the software to make it as relevant to you as possible.

Here is a sneak peek of all the features in versions 1.0 and 2.0.

Please note version 2.0 is work in progress and at the time of writing this article, the chatbot builder is a few weeks away from the release.

Infusionsoft Wheel 1

Influencersoft is relatively new to the English market. This is a tried and tested platform, their business version in the EU has generated millions in sales for different businesses. The platform has had a tremendous welcome from the online community, the team has listened to the feedback from the community and they are working on the platform to get it updated to cater to the new audience.

Some things don’t work as well as they should for version 1.0 – I’ve currently subscribed to – hence the need for an update. Especially the page builder, for every reason the page builder works and you can definitely create a stunning page from scratch, however, it needs some urgent love to get it to modern standards. The community shares the same view and the Influencersoft team has listened to the community and agreed to bring a new page builder sometime this year.

I am assuming the page builder is a core update and it is going to be a major change to their current ecosystems since the entire Influencersoft system works with the current page builder. Such changes take time to implement and it should be dealt without breaking the existing flow, most importantly the new builder should be backward compatible. So it is understandable this feature will take time.

However, this shouldn’t be a reason to make you hold back on your decision. Maybe I am being too picky, there are few others who have created some wonderful funnels and most importantly they are making money! As a new entrant to the market, these issues are to be expected, software updates are an ongoing process and with a strong community and a passionate team, I am sure they will iron things out. The mishaps and errors in version 1.0 are tiny issues that you can comfortably do without. You actually have to work really hard to notice them – a plus to the Influencersoft team for getting things right on their first launch.

Influencersoft sales funnels

Why Influencersoft?

I’ve used Clickfunnels before – one of the biggest names if not the most famous funnel builder. It was such a game-changer when it launched in 2014 and has continued to improve ever since. However, one thing that sets Influencersoft apart from Clickfunnels is the refinement.

It is so much refined that you can start building your funnel with zero knowledge, just by watching the introductory videos.

Everything is laid out perfectly for you that you don’t have to go back and forth to YouTube looking for tutorials. Furthermore, the influencersoft (IS) team does weekly mentoring online session which alone is worth the price you are paying for the software.

These mentoring calls offer tremendous value, you have to attend them to believe it. Facebook ads, marketing strategies, copywriting, if you are looking to market your services, you name it and they might have done a session on the topic.

The good and bad about these pieces of training, they are information-packed and can stretch to an hour or two – so you better get ready to consume this enormous information.

Coming back to the platform and user interface, here is a sneak peek of the clean and carefully laid-out homepage layout:

Influencersoft Homepage

Funnels Option

On this left is a list of all the options you have starting with the funnels option, an incredible land of unlimited funnel building possibilities. The drag and drop funnel builder helps you effortlessly build funnels.

You can link different items into your funnel; for example, linking your social media campaigns, link your website URL or creating a landing page using their landing page builder, and almost everything else you can think of adding. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

It would be a crime to forget the integrated process builder. By clicking on it, it gives you the layout to build various processes such as moving a contact from one list to another based on their actions.

Here is a simple funnel I created using their visual funnel builder;

Influencersoft Funnel 1

As you can see it is very easy and straightforward as dragging boxes into your workspace and connecting them using drag and drop arrows. These are not simulations or dummy images, they are actual working components!


I am sure you might have come across the funnel simulators and visual funnel builders which lets you create a simulation and run some test numbers, nada! Why waste time testing with imaginary numbers, when you can actually visualise and build your entire online funnel which you can deploy and test with real audience.

For the image above, I did not have any campaigns running which is why it looks empty. But a key thing to mention is the “0” you see under each funnel. They represent the number of visitors that have visited each funnel and the stage of the funnel they reached. These numbers update based on the visitors you receive.

The platform tracks and updates these numbers for you, track visitors, their navigation and conversions.

The software displays all the traffic data for you so you can easily monitor how well your funnel is working, what you need to change, and at which section.

How incredible is that!



The store acts as your backend where you monitor all your products, sales, coupons, edit or make order buttons and order forms. Under the settings, you can set your favourite payment gateway – either PayPal or Stripe.

You can also add other payment options using Zapier if you aren’t comfortable with the two above. I am a strong advocate of Stripe, easy free payment gateway, what more can you ask for to get started?

There are also other numerous options under settings to help easily receive payments, issue payment reminders or deliveries and even taxes.

One important aspect of the store and product sales are order bumps, order bumps help you boost your conversations. Order bumps are in the final testing phase and should be released in a week or two.



You can use this section to build a homepage or a landing page. The idea behind this section is to let you build different pages for your website which you can then link in your funnel or build a stand alone website for your product or service.

A Website is an alternative option of accessing the page builder without having to go through the funnels. While it is the same page builder like the one in the funnels section, if you are building a funnel, I would recommend using the funnel page builder option. It is much easier and flawless since you link the pages you build directly to the funnels without having to follow a long procedure as you would under this section.

However, you can still play around with it to familiarize yourself and test everything. You never know, you might find this option easier compared to using the funnels option.



The features continue, if you are into online marketing or if you are someone new stepping into online marketing, you will agree that email marketing and automation is crucial.

The campaign section allows you to create and manage your mailing list. You can create email series, email sequences, or set emails for your subscribers. You have tons of options to play around with under settings such as sender contact information, mailing parameters, designing email templates, adding third party email servers if you use other mailing alternatives, as well as integrating with Facebook Messenger.

You can use the marketing email designer for designing your mailing campaigns. The email designer works similar to the page builder and hence it makes the design process much easier. It really comes in handy thanks to the embedded tried and tested email templates that you can just use to kickstart your mailing campaigns.

Talk of simplicity at its best!



You manage your contacts in this section such as leads, designing subscription forms – includes premade templates, planning calls, and adding tags.

Tags are especially important as they allow you to categorize your contacts into different sections. For example, you can add a tag for customers who make a successful purchase to remove their email from the retargeting list into an upsell list.



The sole purpose of having this system is to automate your marketing process and this is where it’s all done. You can create different tasks under this section, create sales processes for your funnel and set automated rules for each section of the funnel.



This is a book for online course creators. If you are planning to create and sell courses, this is one of the simple yet effective systems I have come across. An LMS with no bells and whistles. The team creates and publishes its course using this feature, so you can imagine it should be solid. Please do not expect a full-blown course platform, but it works well for what it does. Consider it as a very powerful free add-on that comes along with the other marketing features.

Under this section, you can upload your courses, set the lessons and generate tracking reports for each student.

There are tons of settings options to tweak your course to your liking. I will update this section later with more information. I’m sure you can’t be disappointed.



Yet again, if you have planned for implementing an affiliate portal for your products or services, you can imagine the complexities behind it. Influencersoft solve that huge pain for you.

This affiliate section allows easy management of your affiliates. You can recruit, manage payments, and grant access to your affiliates. It shows how much each affiliate has earned, their traffic numbers, and how much you owe them. You can easily set the payments to be done automatically based on the percentage you set.

Sounds Awesome?

Overall Thoughts

I have barely scraped the capabilities of this platform and I can honestly say I LOVE IT. It’s so easy to navigate, set funnels, create landing pages, monitor your mailing list and other aspects of your funnel. I love how it integrates everything so seamlessly.

Even if you have zero skills in funnel building, this platform will make you feel like a pro within just a few days of playing around with it.

You can’t go wrong with this platform, that’s all I can say.

Also, bear in mind that they are just getting started. Just imagine with more updates and the plans featured on their roadmap, you have an extremely potential visual funnel builder that helps you create landing pages easily.

The team is continuing to make improvements to make the platform more intuitive and easier for all users. For example, the upcoming features we discussed above, they’re planning to introduce order bumps and chatbots (FB messenger) and more.


They are yet to roll out their monthly pricing plans but here is a sneak peek into how they will charge in the next 12 months;

Influencersoft Pricing

Even with the planned pricing option above, it’s still a bargain considering the capabilities and the possible returns you can get from this platform.

If you are lucky enough you can get in early and join their early adopter’s program, you can enjoy low price and all future updates. With a promising software and a passionate team behind this product, you cannot go wrong.

Give a try today by signing up to their 14 days trial for only $14. Visit Influencersoft.