An Email Marketing Automation Platform You Have Been Waiting For

Email Marketing Automation Platform

You’ve probably come across articles claiming email marketing is dying or already dead. But is it true?

What’s your take, is email marketing dead, dying or still as effective as it was years ago? If you think it’s dead or dying, here are some statistics to make you think otherwise.

1. High Delivery Rate

First, did you know that emails have a higher delivery rate than Facebook posts? And am not talking of a slight difference. According to Campaign Monitor, 90% of emails get delivered to the intended recipients’ inbox compared Facebook posts.

Only 2% of your Facebook fans can see your posts in their News Feed. The problem is, Facebook limits the number of people who can view your posts in an attempt to make you want to sponsor your posts or create ads. That’s how they make money.

2. Guaranteed Customer interactions

According to Optinmonster, 99% of email users open their emails every single day. Well, you might say social media has almost the same or even higher usage rate.

But the question is; considering the tons of posts that are made every single day, how high is the probability of your potential customers coming across your post? Or even dedicating their attention to it when they see it?

Now that you are guaranteed your customers will see your email; how do you make them open and read it? The secret is making the title as compelling as possible. Make your readers want to know about your email immediately they read the title.

Also, use a professional email to create credibility and trust. [You can learn more about professional email here] {link this to the article about gsuite}.

3. High Conversions

You may find this hard to believe this, but you have a 6x higher chance to get your email opened compared to a link on your tweet being clicked. Or even better, did you know you can earn up to $38 for every $1 you spend on email marketing?

Email marketing has the highest guaranteed return on investment compared to social media marketing. And again, you do not need to spend a lot. As long as you have your email list, all you need is an excellent email marketing tool. A verified tool that will help you send your emails to your customers’ inbox without spamming.

Talking of email marketing tool, how do you decide which one to use? Or, which is the best email marketing tool to use for your business?

Well, here it is…

Introducing MOOSEND: the best-rated, award-winning email marketing tool.

MOOSEND; What you need to know


Moosend is an exceptionally easy to use email marketing automation tool that is designed to enable effortless creation and management of multiple email marketing campaigns and lists.

It allows you to create and customize beautiful email campaigns through their inbuilt drag and drop template editor. Manage your different campaigns through the opt-in or sign up forms that enable you to collect real-time customer data and make changes where necessary. And monitor your campaigns through tens of incredible tools.

The tool is specifically designed to allow users to achieve high levels of automation in email marketing workflows. To perform tasks faster and engage with your subscribers in real-time without having to spend too much time.

As a business owner, I know you have a lot of important things to do. This software lifts the burden for you so you can concentrate on other important issues without losing anything. Actually, it lets you accomplish more by bringing you more sales.

Not only that, but it also offers performance analytics tools that allow you to asses how well your campaigns are performing, and make changes where necessary.

What about third-party integrations? Well, it offers that too.

Its SMTP service option allows you to easily integrate with third-party apps and websites such as Optimonk, Zen Cart, Google Contacts, CSCart, Zapier, Segment, Magento, WordPress, SalesForce, MailChimp, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, And Drupal among many others

What will help you achieve / Advantages

Set up all you need for launching effective and strategic email marketing campaigns

  • Collect contact data using custom opt-in forms
  • Create and grow your email list
  • Segment your email list into different groups for pinpoint targeting
  • Create impressive and responsive email newsletters
  • Automate workflows and tasks
  • Scale your email marketing analytics to the next level
  • Design landing pages (new update)


To be honest, I can’t think of anything negative about this software. I know this sounds unreal, but it’s true. It’s that perfect.


  • Custom sign up forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Email marketing automation
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Powerful real-time analytics
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Support via live chat/phone/ email
  • Managed Ip address
  • Dedicated Ip address
  • SPAM test
  • A/B testing
  • opt-in forms
  • Cross-Device newsletter preview
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • API access
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Personalized tags
  • Unlimited number of lists


Its pricing model is based on the number of subscribers you have:

Free Plan

It caters for up to 1,000 subscribers allowing you to send unlimited emails per month. You get the chance to access all the features the software offers apart from a dedicated IP address. You also enjoy no Moosend branding on the emails you send.

Paid plans

You have two options when subscribing to the paid plan; monthly payment plan, and the pay as you go plan.

The monthly payment plan starts at $10 for 2,000 subscribers, all the way to $3,650 for 1,000,000 subscribers. The pay as you go also follows the monthly plan pricing only that you get upgraded to other plans as your list grows.

You can check out more about the pricing.


Moosend is a tool I would definitely recommend every email marketer to have. It offers so much compared to the pricing. Not mentioning that you have a free version to try everything out and even a free trial for the premium options. You definitely need this!

Ready to get started with Moosend? Sign up here.