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Control Panels

You need performance. The shared hosting is not delivering the performance you expected. You hear VPS’s give you better performance for an affordable price. You are all ready to get it done…but

You realise:

Configuring VPS requires Linux skills. Following tutorials are fine, but in the event of trouble, you spend hours of your time to find a solution. Not to mention the Linux commands you forget, the ones you have to Google. What is the command to move deleted all files in a directory? err!

Forget all these:

Make way to server control panels. Once you start using it I am sure you will agree that server control panels make your life easier, much easier. They save you from messing up with the command line interfaces and 3000+ word tutorials to configure the “perfect” Linux server.

If you are someone who likes to streamline the server deployment process, then I hope the list below will help you make a choice.

1. Ploi

Let us start our list with Ploi. with a functional free plan to manage 1 server and 1 domain with free SSL certificates. Most suitable for bloggers who need performance hosting on a budget.

If you ever plan to upgrade, their Basic plan starts from affordable $9 a month or $97 a year. The pricing is reasonable for managing 5 servers and unlimited domains.

You can use Ploi free plan with $5 VPS server offers from Digital Ocean, Linode, UpCloud or Vultr to host your WordPress blog. The setup will offer much better performance compared to normal shared hosting.

2. VestaCP – Free

VestaCP is a free server control panel with a very clean UI. Comparing to the other panels listed here, this one requires a bit more fine-tuning with command prompt. Nonetheless, a good panel to consider if you can tinker around.

3. CyberPanel

A next generation web hosting control panel powered by OpenLiteSpeed. It is built for speed, security and reliability.

The CyberPanel free plan offers 1 Domain, Unlimited Subdomains, 1 Worker Process, 2GB Ram Limit (server), LSCache Included.

You can take it for a test spin using the $5 Digital Ocean, Linode, Upcloud or Vultr servers.

4. RunCloud

PHP cloud server control panel that supports Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS, Vultr, Azure and other custom VPS. Git deployment webhook supported.

It’s pretty cheap also with the basic plan costing $6.67 a month for a single server, all the way to $37.5 a month for the most advanced features.

Wrap up

This is a pretty short list to be honest. But it’s an exclusive list of options that you can’t go wrong with regardless of what you choose. They each have their unique features and it’s all up to you to select the one best suits your budget and specific features you are looking for.

With that said, our take is Ploi. We have been using it for months and its just superb! Give it a try and see how it goes.