Contact Form 7 Plugin Must Be Replaced Today. Here Are The Alternatives

contact form7 alternatives

Before you can start throwing shoes at me and cursing me for bad-mouthing your favourite contact form 7 plugin, read just a little bit more of this article to understand what I mean.

Contact form 7 has fairly dominated the contact form arena for years. I mean, if you were to do a quick search online for the best contact form plugin, I bet more than ninety percent of the articles that will appear on the search results will be about contact form 7.

But could it be that this dominance has blinded us from testing other better options? Or even worse, could it have made us ignore the numerous negatives of this plugin?

Contact form 7 plugin currently has over 3 million active installs, which is quite an achievement. However, the plugin has been in existence for almost 10 years now. But this is what you need to know.

Why you need to replace contact form 7

Apparently, its code is relatively old, and while it continues to be updated regularly, it has utterly failed to keep up with the trends. Contact form 7 is making your site load slowly and here is why.

  • The plugin loads its JavaScript and CSS files on every single page of your site including those that don’t have any forms. It adds almost 42.8 milliseconds to HTML load time.
  • After the page loads, it loads some more codes through ajax, which often takes a second. While this is difficult to note since the site has already loaded, it causes CPU pegging on your server for a whole second. Also, the ajax runs on every page including those that do not have forms.
  • It gets even worse if your site has caching functionalities since it causes the ajax to double or triple up.
  • According to the p3 profiler plugin, contact form 7 eats up 50% or more of your page CPUs.
  • Contact form 7 is an easy plugin to use in creating simple contact forms. However, the problem arises when you try to scale it to do other things that are common in other contact form plugins. For example, integrating a captcha can be a headache to an average WordPress user.

You definitely know how consequential a site delay by just 40 milliseconds could be to your online success. It can lead to poor SEO ranking, or even worse, high traffic bounce rate.

If you are convinced enough of the need to replace your contact form 7 plugin, here are some of the best options you can consider checking out.



WPForms is a relatively clean and easy to use contact form plugin. Its design features an easy drag-and-drop capability that also gives you access to numerous pre-built form templates to fire up your creativity.

All its forms are mobile-friendly and allow for email subscription integration. Also, you get direct online payment capabilities through PayPal and Stripe, automatic spam email submission blocks, and easy embedding of forms on any page.

The plugin offers different options starting with a free version for beginners. As your needs grow, you get the chance to subscribe to any of the four premium options depending on the functionalities you may be seeking.

Visit WPForms.

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms

Similar to WPForms, Caldera Forms offers a simple and easy to edit platform, thanks to the integrated drag and drop feature. Creating a form is quite easy and requires no prior knowledge or coding skills.

It allows for calculations; dropdown selections; conditional logic for auto-responder recipients, processors, and form fields; unlimited forms, fields, and submissions; unlimited autoresponders; anti-spam; export entries to CSV, and tons of other add-ons.

It offers a free version that carries all the functionalities for basic form creation and upgrade options to either of their three premium versions. They are not that cheap though. The basic version costs $164.89 while the agency version costs $549.89.

Visit Caldera Forms.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja forms is an easy to integrate and use WordPress plugin that allows you to create forms even with zero experience.

It comes loaded with all the incredible tools you need to effortlessly design your forms such as drag-and-drop functionalities, third-party add-ons all which come with a 14-day money back guarantee, and limitless form creations and submissions among others.

Apart from the free version, Ninja Forms offers upgrade opportunities to any of their three premium options depending on the features you need.

Visit Ninja Forms.

Form Maker

Happy Forms

Just like the other plugins on this list, Form Maker features drag-and-drop capabilities for an easy form creation experience.

Other features include an intuitive interface, pre-built templates, fully customizable themes, 43 different form field types, mobile-friendliness, anti-spam, multi-page forms, file upload capabilities, and easy submissions management among others. It also offers tons of third-party integration opportunities.

It has a free version plus four other premium options for the advanced users. It offers the cheapest premium options of all the other plugins on this list.

Visit Form Maker.

Happy Forms

Form Mker

As the name suggests, this plugin will definitely make you happy as you accelerate your site conversations. It offers an easy to use drag-and-drop functionality for developing all types of forms ranging from lead generation forms, feedback form to survey forms among others.

Other features include mobile friendliness, unlimited form creation, anti-spam capabilities, message archiving for all submissions, email confirmation notifications, and GDPR compliant forms. The list is endless.

It offers a free version plus two other premium versions costing $99 and $299 per year respectively.


There is no doubt you need to shift from contact form 7 if you want to regain the quick loading speed of your website. The options above are excellent to go with; not that they are 100% perfect, but because they are guaranteed to get the job done without you having to sacrifice the performance of your site. The best thing is they all have free versions giving you the chance to test them without spending a dime before making a decision on the one to go with.