Five Important Lessons I’ve Learned From Social Media

Lessons Social Media

Social media has been with us for only a short while. We can all agree it is here to stay.

But the real question is:

How do we take advantage of this global wave to not only enrich ourselves but also improve our social lives and interactions? And best of all, how do we stay afloat to ensure we are not swept by it?

I am going to take you through my social media journey: all the lessons I have learnt, challenges, and opportunities.


You will gain some insights that you can apply to your social media life to reap more from the time you spend on social media without disrupting your normal life.

A little disclaimer, the purpose of this article is not to teach you exclusively how to make money on social media, but rather how to enjoy your social media experience by growing your following, improving engagement, and hopefully sales while doing what you love doing most.

With that said, here are the five lessons I have learned from social media

#1. Post About The Things You Enjoy Doing Every Day

Well, this sounds quite obvious but it’s not. I bet you know how lucrative influencers have become nowadays. If you are thinking of becoming one of them, I would suggest you don’t focus so much on the niche.

Firstly, social media is all about having fun. By posting content related to the things you are passionate about, you are guaranteed to continue doing it in the long run regardless of the level success.

Secondly, you will gather loyal followers who are really passionate about what you do and the content you post.

Ever heard of the saying, “do what you love?” It not only applies to entrepreneurs but also to social media influencers. The only way to grow your account and enjoy every bit of it is by doing what you love.

Create content about your beautiful dog, your car, your daily gym routine, or anything else you love doing on a daily basis.

Not only will you find it easy to get the right content to post on your account, but you will also start getting paid to do what you love by advertising items related to that niche.

social enjoy - girl enjoying breeze

#2. Keep Things Visual

Social media is all about creativity in the images and videos you post. If you really want to be successful on social media, you gotta start creating interesting visual content that tempts viewers not only to view it, but also to like and comment.

According to Facebook statistics, photo posts get more than 53% likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs than text posts.

Of late, videos have also started gaining viewership; However, they should be extremely interesting and short.

The recommended maximum length for videos is 1 minute.

#3. Don’t Take Comments Too Seriously

I have seen people stop using social media or get depressed because of a comment about their post.

I was actually a victim of this a while ago.

I made a post of myself on Instagram and someone from I don’t know where just decided to post an abusive comment. It took me almost three months to get over it. Nowadays I don’t really care what people comment.

I always to reply to the positive comments and ignore the negative ones. Regardless of how beautiful your posts might be, you need to understand that not everyone will like them.

Well, it’s not that they don’t like them, but there are people who will always be negative. This should not stop you from making more posts.

Just learn how to get over it.

#4. You Can Make A Consistent Income From Social Media

Social media is a platform full of opportunities.

Regardless of the niche, you choose to venture into, there are companies everywhere willing to pay you. But then, you have to be really good at it.

As long you have a reasonable number of followers on any social media platform, you can get a company that sells products related to your niche and charge them for advertisement.

Apart from affiliate marketing, you can earn through social media management of company accounts or even social media advertising.

#5. Show Too Much, Get Judged Too Much

Let’s be honest, less than 5% of your Instagram followers are your real friends. They are just people looking for interesting content to watch.

When you show your followers too many sides of your life, often- even your closest friends- will start judging you behind their keyboards. The secret is showing only what you would like other people to know about you without exposing too much of your private life.

If you often find yourself judging others, try to stop it. It can just be a fake side of their life. And even if it’s real, it’s none of my nor your business.

Let’s try to be positive always.


It is true that social media has its pros and cons, it takes a lot of free time, but do you really have to fall on the side of content consumers? Why not become a content producer?

I bet you will enjoy doing it as well and best of all, you will get paid to do it.

I hope this article gave you a better approach to social media that you can use to earn more money and live a more fulfilling life.