Paced Email: The Email Solution You Were Looking for?

paced email review

It’s so hard nowadays to stay focused. We’re being constantly bombarded with unlimited notifications, the majority of them irrelevant or not urgent. I mean, imagine having your phone constantly beeping right when you’re trying to get that important project done. How annoying would that be?

Well, there is a solution. While completely switching off our phones is not an option, we can better organize ourselves to have our devices only notify us of the most relevant issues and schedule the rest for later. And, emails should be the first in line.

What is Paced Email?

Paced email is an incredible tool that has been specifically designed to allow for smart email categorization; therefore, enabling better productivity.

paced email website screenshot

As the name suggests, it allows you to pace your emails based on your preference by bundling them into different categories, schedule the less relevant emails for reading only once a day,  week, or month, enable anonymity by creating different usernames and temporary emails, et cetera. This tool is just mind-blowing!


  • Creating unlimited email aliases on the fly – Feel like not using your personal email address to sign up to a website? No worries, you can just create an email alias just for that website. Then, you can set the specific time you’ll be receiving the emails. This tool protects you from spam and trackers while also guaranteeing email receipts.

Here is an image description of how it’s done.

alias paced email

All you need to do when creating an alias is type your desired username, then what your inbox will be called, and then how often you’d want to receive the emails. That is, daily, weekly, monthly.

  • Use it on any browser – You can easily integrate it to either Safari, Chrome, or Firefox using their addon. The best thing with this is it makes the entire process simple since you can create and customize disposable emails right when subscribing to a website without having to move back and forth to different websites.
  • Advanced inbox customization – there are endless rules/customization you can add to fully have your inbox set to your liking. Such as which emails to ignore, which ones to forward and to who, or even to bypass Paced Email for the senders that require your immediate attention.
  • Email scheduling – you can create email responses and schedule when they will be sent.
  • Security – enjoy maximum anonymity and security through 2-factor verification through FIDO U2F security devices or your favorite authenticator app for your domain names.


They offer two subscription options: a free option and a premium option costing $10 per month.

Basic option

It is the free option and allows up to 5 email addresses


It offers

  • unlimited inboxes, usernames, and domain options
  • ability to customize digest delivery times
  • compose and send emails directly from your aliases
  • enable rules for forwarding, bypassing, and ignoring senders
  • expedited support
  • ability to add extra recipients to digests
  • and early access to new features

Final Thoughts

Should you ignore it, shortlist it, or buy it?

Well, based on the amount of noise we receive nowadays in terms of emails, it is a definite buy for me. It’s simple, cheap, and yet super effective for just the right task you want from it.

Visit Paced Email.