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If you are the kind of photography enthusiast who desires to capture moments with tons of images to store, then this article will help solve your online photo storage dilemma and showcase them just as professional as your photographs.

Sounds good, isn’t it?

However, most of us ask the similar questions when we have a lot of photos. How do you save those special moments, how do you ensure you do not lose precious photos?


What Are The Best Ways To Store Digital Photos?

There are numerous ways you can use to save your photos. However, the most common option is through physical storage devices such as phone internal memories, memory cards, and hard disks.


There are few risks associated with physical storage devices.

Physical vs Online Photo Storage

While the physical storage options are more convenient and easier to access, your only problem is that you run the risk of losing all your photos if your physical devices are damaged or stolen.

If you compare the phone memory with an online photo storage service, storage security is guaranteed. Your photos are uploaded almost instantly and you can only lose them if you delete them personally.

Where Can I Store My Photos Online?

There are many ways to store photos online. You can run your dedicated servers if you have the technical knowledge, choose a cloud storage service or choose a combination with the best features. The best approach is to choose a reputed cloud storage service.

Cloud storage solutions also make travelling less of a burden because you do not have to carry a physical storage device. As long as you have a phone or laptop, you can take as many photos as you want and upload them directly to the cloud.

So is there a professional cloud-based online photo storage service? And is there a free hosted website where all my photos can be presented with unlimited storage space?


Meet SmugMug – one of the best if not the best online photo storage. The best of all our readers save 15% off their normal pricing.

Online Photo Storage unlimited

Wait!… I know you are thinking this is just another iCloud, Google Photos, Amazon photos or Flickr kind of service for uploading and storing your photo albums!

Well, it’s not.

And here is why:

SmugMug is a specially designed web platform for photographers by photographers.

SmugMug allows you to create an easy coding-free website where you can update and create a portfolio of your favourite photos. So, we can call it a two in one or let us call it hybrid online photo storage and a front-end website. The website is hosted for you, so you do not have to worry about hosting or bandwidth costs. Peace of mind.

Let us look at how SmugMug compares with Google Photos, Amazon Cloud and Flickr

SmugMug Vs Google Vs Amazon Vs Flickr

All these three options have their unique capabilities and apart from price, it is often difficult to determine the best solution. However, for the comparison, there is, of course, the one platform that stands to serve most photographers better compared to the other online photo storage options.

Is it SmugMug?

Let us find out:

Google Photos

Google Photos/Drive

Google Drive is one of the most famous cloud storage options on the internet. However, as you may know, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best or the cheapest. That’s why we’ve done this comparison to help you make a more informed decision.

With that said, let us take a look at Google Photos features:

In addition to Google Photos, you get access to Google Drive which offers more advanced features and capabilities such as collaboration, live meetings, document sharing and saving, among others.

The only problem with Google Drive is unlike SmugMug which is specifically tailored to serve photographers, Google drive is designed to serve different purposes, therefore it doesn’t specifically serve the photographer needs as SmugMug does.

For example, the ability to sell your photos, custom brand your portal, create your website build a gallery. Well, you can get some of these features, but they are not as straightforward compared to the online photo storage solution offered by SmugMug.

The monthly pricing plans for G-Suite are $6 for a basic account (30 GB storage), business option for $12 (unlimited cloud storage), and Enterprise option for $25.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Cloud Photos

Amazon cloud photos allow for storing photos, digital music, videos, and documents online. It has a free 5 GB cloud storage options and the premium plans range up to 1 TB. 20 GB costs $20 per year, 50GB for $50 per year et cetera. That is, you purchase each GB of storage for a dollar per year.

Let us look at Amazon photos features

Like Google Photos, Amazon Cloud Drive lacks the advanced features required by photographers for editing, sharing, and selling photos easily. In other words, they are developed for basic photos and videos storage and sharing, unlike SmugMug which is specifically designed with the photographer in mind.



Flickr was one of the closest rivals to SmugMug in terms of photo management and photo sharing until it was bought by SmugMug in 2018. Nevertheless, its website is still running as well as its services, some of which have been integrated with SmugMug’s services.

It offers a community for photographers where they can upload their photos, create albums, and share with other photographers as well as buyers in very simple steps.

Flikr offers a free account limited to 1,000 photos and videos with up to 1 TB of storage size. It does not have a desktop app for the free account but offers android and IOS apps for easy access to the photos.

Upgrading to Flickr pro gives access to

There is a partner discount eg. Two complimentary months of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography option, 50% off for annual subscription to SmugMug.

You can choose from three pro subscription options: monthly plan for $6.99, 2-year plan for $4.92 per month; and annual plan for $5 per month.

The combination of SmugMug and Flickr makes them the go-to options for every photographer who is serious about scaling his/her profession.

As you can see:

Whether you are thinking of taking your photography to the next professional level or add some fun to it, SmugMug is the best online photo storage service for you.

SmugMug Photo Storage Features

The list is endless!

The best part is all the above features are available on all SmugMug plans. Click here to view all other features regarding personalization, organization, safety and security, sharing, prints, and gifts, commerce, marketing, and branding.

Cloud Photo Storage Templates

SmugMug is the only website and photo storage service that is guaranteed to take your photography to the next level and even make you start earning from it.

It is time to turn your passion into a business!

Pricing Plans

SmugMug offers four pricing options:

Basic plan

This option is best for starters. It offers features such as customizable site, superb full-screen galleries, unlimited photo uploads, order prints and products with a high-quality lab, easy sharing plus others.

Power plan

It offers advanced features such as 21+ premade site designs, optional HTML and CSS customization, own domain name, and the ability to enable right-click protection on photographs.

Portfolio plan

It is specially designed for photographers who intend to start selling their snaps.

It includes advanced features such as Turnkey storefront and e-commerce optimized galleries, fulfils orders options with top labs; Bay Photo, WHCC, EZPrints, and Loxley, sell an option for digital videos and photos, and ability to set site side pricing.

Pro plan

Contains all the necessary features perfect for professional photographers. Some of its advanced features include custom price lists and coupons, group image galleries under events, and brand shipped client orders and gift-wrapped packaging.

All plans allow for 14 days free trial to test things out.

Cloud Photo Storage Smugmug

Photography is one of the most interesting passions in the world. An art that requires a "good eye" to capture moments that become special with time.

There is nothing more fulfilling for a photographer than to acknowledge that you can take as many photos as you want without worrying about keeping them safe and being able to access your photos anytime, anywhere. 

Your special photos deserve a special place to live.

Summing Up

Compared to other online photo storage solutions, SmugMug is by far the best option to store your valuable pictures. SmugMug offers more than just photo storage and much more at very affordable prices. A hybrid combination of a cloud photo storage system and a website platform at more than half the price of other platforms.

Passionate Photographers – Here is your opportunity to scale your photography business and increase your profits. Save the hassle, store, and showcase your work in one fantastic location.

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