Iubenda Review; Is this the best Policy Generator?


Drafting a privacy policy statement, a cookie statement or other types of legal documents for your website isn’t something for everyone. Especially for the majority of us who aren’t lawyers, it is next to impossible.

The problem is we don’t know what to include in the policies, and especially if your website serves different continents such as the European Union, U.S, U.K, and Australia. I mean, think of all the internet related acts for each country you have to read.

 Just to give you an idea, if you serve the EU market, you have to comply with GDPR rules and the European Union Cookie Policy. If you serve the U.S. market you have to write a policy that incorporates the internet protection acts of each state including the California Online Privacy and Protection Act. It’s overwhelming, right?

The common option would be to ask a lawyer to draft the policies for you. But then, why set yourself back $500+ when you can get the same done for just $9. Yes, that’s absolutely correct, $9. And to make the deal even sweeter, your drafted policies would be updated automatically as new laws are passed. Welcome to the Iubenda world.

What is Iubenda?


Iubenda is a privacy policy generator and cookie policy generator that creates policies in over 8 languages and ensures compliance with the most stringent international data protection laws. Based on attorney-level policy generation, it ensures compliance and ultimate customization with over 650 privacy clauses to choose from.

I know what you might be thinking, there are hundreds of other platforms offering the same services. Well, you’re right, but there are two things set this tool apart and the reasons why Iubenda is being preferred by multinationals.

One, it allows you to generate your policies in up to 8 languages. But that’s not any special! Others offer the same feature!

Here is the stunner,

they give your policies life!

As long as you are subscribed, your policies will automatically update every time a new law is passed or the current ones are changed. You know what that means, right? Once you generate your policies and add them to your website that’s it. You will not have to waste your money and time looking for an attorney to revisit and update them. How ingenious!

Iubenda covers the following policies; privacy policy, cookie policy, consent solutions, and internal privacy management tools. They work with a team of highly qualified national and international law specialists to make sure that your policies cover all the required terms.

They have also made it possible for you to tweak the policies to specifically cover your business needs based on the industry you’re in, your business model, and the products or services you offer. So, you don’t need to worry about your policies not meeting your requirements.


Iubenda offers numerous pricing options suitable for all business sizes. You can select either a bundle pricing option or a custom one.

Bundle pricing option:

  • Personal plan – Costs $29 per year. It includes 1 pro license covering both a privacy and cookie policy and a cookie option for websites receiving up to 25k page views per month. However, it doesn’t cover consent solution or internal privacy management. Some of the addons include terms and conditions, cookie consent for up to 500k page views per month, and high traffic website cookie consent for up to 2m page views per month.
  • Business plan – Costs $9 per month. It includes 5 license slots usable for privacy and cookie policy and terms and conditions generation. Its cookie solution covers up to 25k page views per month. Some of the addons include advanced GDPR compliance, small agency addon with ability to use up to 50 licenses for all your projects, large network addon with up to 200 licenses and 5M pageviews per month.
Iubenda Normal Pricing

Custom Pricing option:

For a single website or app, you have the following pricing options.

Iubenda Single Site Pricing
  • Basic plan – It is a free option allowing you to generate privacy and cookie policy but with some limitations, and a cookie solution limited to 25k page views per month.
  • Pro plan – It costs $29 per year and covers the privacy and cookie policy, but with no limitations, and a cookie solution covering up to 25k page views per month.
  • Ultra plan – Costs $129 per year. It covers unlimited privacy and cookie policy generation, cookie solution for up to 25k page views per month, and terms and conditions generator.

An important thing to mention is you can increase the monthly pageviews in all the plans at an extra cost. Here is how it’s laid out.

Iubenda Pricing Option

Multiple sites/apps pricing option. A quick FYI, these two plans don’t have a specific price. It all depends on the pageview limit you want to pay.

  • Pro plan – This plan covers privacy policy generation without any limitations, a cookie solution, and a single license slot per site/app and per language.
  • Ultra plan – it covers privacy policy generation, a cookie solution, terms and condition generator, and 5 license slots per site/app and per language.
Iubenda Multiple Site Pricing

There is so much customization in terms of price that it’s almost impossible to capture everything. In simple terms, you can never fail to get an option that fits your needs based on your budget. There is even a free version,

how better can it get!

Here is a link to the pricing page.

Policy Generation

Iubenda is one of the best platforms if not the best at producing supreme quality cookies and privacy policies. When generating, you have a chance to list all the products or services that you offer from the catalogue of over 600 listed services. And if you feel the listed services don’t fully cover your service spectrum, you can customize them to match your specific details.

 You can never get it wrong in Iubenda.

They even go the extra mile for you in terms of updating your policies. In case you want to update them, all you need to do is make the updates on Iubenda and the policies will automatically update on your website. You don’t need to alter a single text or code on your website.

One thing to note is that it takes a little longer to generate policies in Iubenda compared to competitors. However, the extra time is for making sure you get all the customization you need to generate the most accurate policy for your website.

Also, their policies are so much in-depth compared to competitors that it would almost be impossible for your customers to read. But wait, they have a solution to that too. They generate your policies in two versions, a light/summarized version that can be read and easily understood by customers and the more in-depth version for lawyers in case of a lawsuit, and the people who love reading for the sake of it.

Just to let you know how easy it is to generate your privacy policy, you only need to complete four steps:

  • Filling your website information
  • Selecting the services you offer
  • Paying for the policy
  • Linking the policy to your website


As you would expect, it is quite simple to add the policies you generate on Iubenda to your website. They offer three options;

  • Using a direct link to the policy
  • Adding a footer widget to your website
  • Embedding the policy clauses directly to your website

An important thing to mention is no matter which option you choose to go with, your policy will be connected with Iubenda’s API in the back-end, meaning that the policy will be hosted in Iubenda’s server. That’s why the policies update on your website when you make changes on Iubenda.

Cookie Solutions

You definitely need cookie solutions if your target customers are countries in the European Union. This option makes your website compliant with the GDPR laws by integrating cookie blocking management systems, generating cookie policies, and cookie banners. It is amazing how they manage to provide so much at such a low cost. No other policy generator currently available in the market offers such a wide variety of cookie solutions. They offer you a complete cookie tracking system for just $2.

Wrap up

There is definitely no need for writing any more, this is a must-have for every website owner. It is so well developed that it’s almost impossible to find a single fault if there is any. All the features are carefully thought out to make your experience seamless and super easy. The pricing is also on point to incorporate everyone regardless of their budget. What a craft!

Visit Iubenda.