TubeBuddy Review: Best YouTube Optimization Plugin?

tubebuddy review

Growing a YouTube and keeping it constantly active is not an easy feat, especially if you’re just beginning. It requires patience, time, and skills to find the right content and optimize your videos for YouTube algorithms.
However, it doesn’t have to be that hard, especially in this day and age. Numerous tools out there can at least help you accomplish some of the tasks with minimal effort. And, there is no better tool out there than TubeBuddy.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that allows you to easily manage and grow your channel by offering advanced tools such as keyword explorer for highly-searched, low-competition topics, Opportunity Finder, Click Magnet, Share Tracker, Vid2Vid promotion, et cetera. More on these later.

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

Well, you start by installing it on your favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). It appears like some sort of a menu inside your YouTube page, from where you can access the different tools and features that it has to offer. Talking of tools and features, here is what you can expect to achieve through it.

TubeBuddy Features

Productivity Features

  • Advanced Video Embed – Allows you to not only embed videos, but also customize the look of your embedded videos or playlists, enable or disable play controls, insert force-closed captioning, enable JavaScript API, or even enable automatic video looping.
  • Canned Responses – You can save responses to the YouTube comments you receive most often so you don’t have to keep on re-writing them now and then.
  • Default Upload Profiles – You can customize different tags and boilerplates for your description based on the different categories of videos that you create so you don’t have to do it manually every time. FYI, YouTube only allows you to create one upload default.
  • Scheduled Publish and Scheduled Video Update – You can set your videos to publish at the exact time that you believe your audience is online. This also includes updating the title, tags, description, or thumbnail of your live videos in the future.
  • Card Templates and End Screen Templates – If you don’t have an idea of what cards are, they are calls to action (CTAs) that you embed on YouTube videos. They typically pop up at the end of the video kind of like recommendations of what to watch next. Most of the time you’ll find yourself creating the same set of cards for all your uploads. However, instead of creating them from scratch each time, you can save them as a template through TubeBuddy and reuse them anytime you want. And the same works also for end-screen templates.
  • Other features under productivity include comment formatting, coppa centre, emoji picker, playlist actions, quick links menu, quick-edit toolbar, sunset videos, thumbnail generator, and video topic planner.

Bulk Processing Features

These are features for automation across your entire YouTube channel. They include Bulk copy cards bulk copy end screens, bulk delete cards, bulk delete end screens, bulk find, replace & append, bulk thumbnail overlays, bulk update cards, bulk update end screens, and demonetization double-check.

You can check how to use each of them through this link.

Video SEO Features

  • Auto Translator – Enables you to translate your video title and description to other languages to increase global viewership
  • Best Practice Audit – These are automated checks to ensure you’re following all of YouTube’s recommendations
  • Insta-Suggest – Suggests tags matching what people are searching for in real-time
  • Keyword Explorer – An efficient long-tail keyword finder for most highly-searched topics both on Google Trends and YouTube
  • Search Positions and Search Rank Tracking – It shows you where your videos are ranking for each tag on YouTube search. This also includes searching how your competitors are performing both on YouTube and Google
  • Video A/B Testing – This powerful feature allows you to test different titles, thumbnails, descriptions, and tags to find out what works best
  • Other features under Video SEO include tag lists, tag rankings, tag sorters, and tag translators. And view and copy video tags capability.

Promotion Features

These are features to help you promote your channel for example by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. They include the best time to publish, milestones, pick a winner, promotion materials, publish to Facebook, share tracker, share on Twitter, and Vid2Vid promotion. Click this link to check how each feature works and how to access it.

Data and Research Tools

You need to keep track of how well your channel is doing and TubeBuddy has exactly the right features you need. These include brand alerts, channel access, channel backup, channel valuation, channelytics, click magnet, comment word cloud, competitor scorecard, competitor upload alerts, demonetization audit, export comments, health report, language analysis, retention analyzer, search insights, videolytics. Here is a link to the details of each feature.


TubeBuddy offers three pricing options.

The first option is called Pro, and it costs $2 per month. It’s designed mostly for beginning YouTubers who are looking to get set up and start with the right tools.
The second plan is Star, which costs $7.60 per month. It is designed mostly for YouTubers who already have their channels generating growth, and they’re looking for a way to achieve efficiency while also saving on time.
The third plan is Legend, and it costs $19.60 per month. If you’re looking to shift your channel into your business, this is the plan to go for. It enables you to achieve maximum competitive advantage and the ability to use data to decide which steps to take to expand your channel business.
They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all the plans.

How to Get Started

Well, the first step is signing up for one of their plans.

Download and install the extension to your favorite browser. A TubeBuddy icon in the top right corner of your browser is enough confirmation of a successful installation.

Head to YouTube and link your YouTube channel to TubeBuddy – might take some time to get done.

Once that is done, a TubeBuddy drop-down menu should appear on your YouTube dashboard, and voila, you’re good to go!

Why TubeBuddy?

The biggest reason to jump on board is that TubeBuddy is YouTube-certified. You know what that means, right? No fear of waking up one day and finding the tool is no longer compatible with YouTube or fearing you’re putting your channel at risk. It’s a tool that you can trust and take maximum advantage of. It is also very easy to use, yet highly packed for almost every problem you need solving.

Final Thoughts

I can only say one word regarding this tool; Incredible! It is so well packaged for every YouTuber regardless of your experience. It is also well-categorized in terms of pricing, giving you a chance to try it out without having to commit so much money. You need to give it a try.
Visit TubeBuddy.